Foods That Will Improve Health of Thyroid Gland


If you are trying to select best products that will support the function of thyroid gland, you must limit your intake of foods rich in goitrogen in favor of foods that help the function of the thyroid gland. Foods that is rich in vitamin B and iron, supports the function of thyroid gland.

This kind of food includes liver, turkey, beef, Brazil nuts, potatoes, lentils, black beans, kefir and fresh vegetables rich in iron are improving the function of thyroid gland. Vegetables included are beets and parsley, and whole grains are very beneficial for the thyroid gland, i.e. lentils, brown rice, barley, millet, popcorn, wild rice, oats and wheatmeal.

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Problems with thyroid are mostly caused by free radicals. Foods rich in antioxidants protect us and support the production of thyroid hormone.

To have a healthy thyroid gland means consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries, tomatoes, cherries, zucchini and peppers. But broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, rapeseed, kale, turnips, kohlrabi and brussels sprouts may have goitrogenic effect.

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If you eat this foods in large quantities, it can even the absorption of thyroid hormone, but if you consume these foods cooked, steam cooked if possible, and not raw, the goitrogenic effect will decrease or even maybe disappear. Lean meat, sea fish, flax and beans provide proteins that will help maintain the health of thyroid gland.

If you consume organic foods you have to know that they are very good choice because these products do not contain certain steroids and hormones that can reduce natural production of thyroid hormones.

Omega 3 fats are very important for the thyroid gland. Tuna and salmon are good sources of Omega 3.

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Also the choice of healthy cooking oil is essential for the thyroid gland. Olive oil and coconut oil are good choices.

If you have a problem with the thyroid gland, before you choose of foods for you, consult your doctor.