Which is the Most Healthiest Oil to Cook With?


There are many health factors that depend on which oils you should be using in cooking and some of the things you don’t know might come as a surprise to you.

The cooking fats and oils that you use could determine things like longevity, susceptibility to certain diseases and health and wellness. It can be very confusing with all of the information that find out about fats and oils. Which fats and oils are a really bad and which ones are healthy for us?

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The Oils

Choosing the right oils is very difficult because there are too many choices.

Grocery stores are filled with every type of oil that you can imagine, but it is hard to decide which ones should you be cooking with, and more importantly, which ones to avoid and what negative impact using those oils to cook with will have?

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The first thing is to rid of preconceived notions that you might already have about which oils are healthiest. Maybe you think that vegetable oils are the most healthy option when you are cooking, up against lard or butter, but is this a fact? What about other types of oil like corn oil, olive oil, goose fat, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil?

The Fat

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De Montfort University in Leicester experimented with many different types of oils for cooking, to find out what changes of the molecular structure of the fats occur and how oxidation affects the nutritional information.

They found out that two oils that are normally considered to be healthy oils, could not be used for cooking. Sunflower oil and corn oil both have a lot of polyunsaturates and when they are heated, they release a chemical called an aldehyde, which is dangerous even minute amounts and has been shown to increase risk of both heart disease and cancer.

Rapeseed oil (cold-pressed), olive oil, butter and goose fat proven to be much healthier than sunflower and corn oil. They produced a great deal fewer aldehydes and threaten health less.

What Kinds of Oils to Use

Most people avoid lard because it has a reputation as an unhealthy, in fact it is a great source of monounsaturated fats, or the good kind of fats.

If you have a choice between lard and the oils that have a large amount of polyunsaturates, choose the lard, it is much healthier. The scientists also recommend to try to avoid frying anything, and if you must to use the lowest amount of oil that you can. Also try to remove as much oil from the finished foods as you can before you eat.

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At the end remains the question which is the most healthiest oil to cook with? Probably the ideal oil for cooking is probably olive oil, because 90% of this oil is made of monounsaturated fats and saturates.