What is the Science for Making Flavorful Coffee?


Many of us, store our coffee beans in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresh. The scientists say in this way we get more flavorful coffee. Scientists at the University of Bath tried grinding coffee beans kept at various temperatures, from room temperature to -320 degrees Fahrenheit. They found the colder the beans prior to grinding, the bolder the flavor of the resulting coffee.

coffee-bean grinder

What is the reason? Chilling the beans allows for “finer and more uniform” particles in grinding, allowing for more flavor compounds to be extracted during brewing. Subtle changes in particle size distributions make a huge difference in rate of extraction. Cold beans take less time to brew and can create more coffee. We anticipate these results will influence the production of coffee industrially, as well as contribute to how we store and use coffee daily.

coffee-bean main

Chilling beans will make a bigger difference in flavor with more “grind-sensitive” methods of brewing, such as espresso, as opposed to drip coffee. So chill your coffee for more flavorful cup of coffee.