What Will Happen if You Eat Only Bananas for 12 Days


There are numerous benefits of bananas. These fruits contain more calories than other fruits, as well as fructose, sucrose, glucose and fiber.

The method of eating only one fruit, in this case bananas for 12 days is also called “mono- fruiting”, and is a way of complete detoxification.

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Every nutritionist will tell you that eating one food for every meal during the day is not recommended since you won’t be able to get other nutrients your body needs.

If you are well prepared, you can still obtain positive results. Bananas, known for their high nutrient content, can help to stay full for a longer period of time.

If you decide for this diet first you will notice that the digestion will improve and the stomach pains will disappear. Also you will be more focused and calm while working and will be more creative and active. You will become more relaxed at the same time.

Also you will experience some major health improvements. If you suffer from high blood sugar, hormonal imbalance or candida before the experiment, after 12 days, you could overcome this health issues. Also another benefit is loosing excess weight.

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Therefore, regarding the health benefits and weight loss which is result from this diet, we can conclude that mono-fruiting can be very helpful if you are prepared for it.

But please note that this diet cannot be done by everyone since it is a really drastic change for your body and your metabolism. Also, people with thyroid gland issues are advised to avoid it.

Also consult a doctor before trying this diet.